Friday, October 20, 2017

 I'm enjoying the leaves blowing off the trees from my window.  Fall is a great time of year.  It's a time for hot soup, hikes,last minute camping, and mapping my aquarium for PAR.

Taking a picture on a Friday out your window may seem weird.  But when you dive with sharks and climb, people just go along with it

My family, we always love good scary movies in October.  Watching my kids at the scary store collect all of the scary babies because they want to make them feel better from their scars.  Wife and I enjoy more seeing the leaves change colors and fall from the trees.  It's beautiful to see nature change.
My kid had a stare off over who would become Alpha.  She will be a great leader. 

Nature outside isn't the only thing that has been changing.  The corals have been growing.  The sea anemone has gotten quite large.  Down below you can see a zoanthid that has grown from its pedestal.  They are slowly spreading across the aquarium.

Lone polyp.  Had to move the colony because the sea anemone was growing too fast and was stinging them.
How big the green anemone has grown compared to the red where its size used to be

I've had a lot of success with the corals because I knew where to put them that the light would benefit them the most.  
Using a MQ-510 to map my aquarium with some Montiporas

It didn't take too long to be able to map the aquarium.  I was able to put the corals where they would best survive.

Our Mapped Aquarium's numbers
From time to time I have to go to our local aquarium to get inspiration on the best ways to make our corals and plants look great.  I often bring my two best researchers.

My boy trying to make a wolf eel face next to a wolf eel.

Daughter trying to figure out how a sea turtle can sleep like that

I'm working more and more to get my corals to look a lot like this.  I just wanted to say again, that although I sell PAR meters that are used by aquarium experts, I am still relatively new to the hobby.  I appreciate any advice anyone reading this can give me.  

Me diving with a shark at St. Maarten and enjoying the reef

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