Monday, September 18, 2017

Danny's Bio(actually autobiography)

I graduated from one of the best schools in the world, Utah State University. I graduated with a degree in International Business from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. I always loved business, and had the opportunity there to travel around Asia. I found out about Apogee, and I had to join them as their International Business and Technical Support Specialist. Apogee sells sensors that help the environment and sensors for measuring the light that keeps plants and corals alive.

Picture 1: Tanks being used to test our quantum sensors

I come from a second generation of diving. My mom being the first to start diving. There I learned a love for the ocean. Living in Utah, there aren’t a lot of options for diving, so I’ve done a lot of traveling. I’ve been able to dive with manta rays, icebergs, Great White Sharks,and see a geothermal chimney teaming with life. 

Picture 2: Wife mad at me for a fish giving me a smooch

I can’t wait to get my kids diving. As the saying goes, a family that dives together, thrives together.

Picture 3: Son wanting to play with daddy after a dive

Picture 4: Coolest diving in the world, plus iceberg ice is the only way to cool down your Mountain Dew

 After time, the call of the ocean becomes strong. That’s why I started my first aquarium in 2010. I used a sea anemone that told me where the good light and current was at and would put my other corals. Apogee takes the guess work out of where the best lighting for the corals is at. It made my life a lot better, and was able to maintain beautiful aquariums.

Picture 5:  Found the Titanic, or the Saganaga, in Newfoundland, Canada

Picture 6:  Diving with a Great White Shark.

When I’m not diving, working for the best company in the world, or tinkering with the aquariums, I love to bike, rock climb, and hike. I’m also a fan of fantasy novels, and have a husky and chameleon at home, and think the only way of roasting marshmallows is over lava.

Picture 7: It really is the best way to roast a marshmallow; how would a steak taste?

Picture 8: Apogee’s first saltwater tank

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